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Product Care

It's not just about making your book look good, but also preserving and adding life to your book. Here's our tips to take care of your precious keepsake.

  1. Never expose your book to extreme heat, humidity and moisture. These may cause damage to the book cover, binding, and most importantly, the prints.
  2. Keep your book in a cool, dry place. It's important to store your book away from direct sunlight as heat and light will damage the pages and cause your prints to fade.
  3. To ensure a book's longevity, always cover your book with our personalized dust jacket to protect the cover from dust, dirt, wear and tear.
  4. To keep your photos look pristine as always, store your book in our presentation box for protection from UV light damage, dust, and dirt.
  5. When viewing your book, gently use clean fingertips to turn the pages and be careful not to use fingernails as this may leave scratches on the prints.
  6. When cleaning your book, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe away dust and finger prints.